New Certified Fraud Examiners In Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Chapter would like to congratulate the following individuals for taking and passing the CFE Exam in 2019:

Ms. Linh Tran, CFE
Mr. Alex Cabusao, CFE
Mr. Aaron Stanton, CFE
Mrs. Rachel Stephensen, MA, CFE, CPA
Ms. Patricia Ho, CFE
Mr. Erik Loo Ponce, MBA, CFE
Ms. Michelle Gu, CFE, CPA
Ms. Shannon Miller, BA, CFE
Mr. Rovin Chavarria, CFE, CPA
Ms. Karina Mundo, MS, CFE
Mr. Brian Allam, CFE
Mrs. Susan E. Restivo, CFE
Mr. Eric Heindel, CFE
Mr. David Furber, CFE
Mr. Rylan Jumao-as, CFE
Ms. Linda Castle, MBA, CFE, CAMS
Ms. Roberta Ann Nickels, CFE
Sgt. Roger Palmer, CFE
Mr. Ricardo Siordia-Romero, CFE
Mr. Russell Scott Cook, CFE
Ms. Nancy Hernandez-Cano, CFE, CIA
Mr. Jeff Snyder, CFE, AMLP
Mrs. Keely Angelina Klenke, CFE
Ms. Yanet Lamas, CFE, CAMS
Ms. Terese de Jager, MBA, CFE, AA
Mrs. Daisy Cabanillas, CFE
Dr. Vicky C. Dominguez, DBA, CFE, CB


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