New Certified Fraud Examiners In Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Chapter would like to congratulate the following individuals for taking and passing the CFE Exam in 2016:

Mrs. Melissa Santoli, CFE
Mrs. Tina Marie Howarth, CFE
Mr. Lance Shakespear, CFE
Ms. Min Chevalier, CFE
Mr. Thomas M. Donohue, CFE, CPA, CIA
Mr. Kyle Johnson, CFE, CFI, CIA
Mrs. Evelyn M. Roderich, MBA, CFE, CAMS
Mr. Christopher Crawford, CFE
Ms. Brittney Wilder, CFE
Mr. Christopher Tam, CFE
Ms. Amelia Marie Redekop, CFE
Mr. Himanshu Uday Zaveri, CFE
Mr. Adam Bowler, J.D., CFE
Ms. Lisa Garner, CFE
Mr. Russell Lee Brickey, CFE
Mrs. Stacie Reed, CFE
Ms. Rachel George, CFE
Ms. Carina Niemann, CFE
Mr. John L. Bon, CFE
Mr. Matthew Edward Bergamo, CFE
Mr. Mark Anthony Yingling, CFE, CPA
Mrs. Janae Downey, CFE
Ms. Courtney Lynn Murad Mantle, MBA, CFE, MIIA
Ms. Joan Agnes Norman, CFE

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