New Certified Fraud Examiners In Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Chapter would like to congratulate the following individuals for taking and passing the CFE Exam in 2017:

Ms. Angela Childress, CFE
Mr. John M. Smith, CFE
Mrs. Cynthia L. Ambre, CFE
Mrs. Kristin Denise Bell-Peistrup, MBA, CFE, PMP
Mr. Craig Witt, CFE
Mr. Quinnton Reid Baker, CFE
Mr. Jeffrey Torres, CFE
Mr. Trevor H. Wilkerson, CFE
Mr. Christopher Zoglman, CFE, CIA
Ms. Zhanna McPhaill, CFE, CPA
Mr. Matthew Johnson, CFE, PSP
Ms. Courtney Martin, CFE
Ms. Neta Labouz, CFE, CPA
Mr. Christopher M. Thompson, CFE
Mr. Eric Stys, CFE
Mr. Christopher William Benton, CFE, CAMS
Ms. Magda Victoria Mejia, CFE, AMLP
Mr. Daniel James Schulte, CFE
Mr. Paul Kirk, CFE
Ms. Christina  Michelle LoRusso, MSA, CFE, AA
Ms. Guerguina Tomova, CFE

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